Putting the Pieces Together for a Successful Contest Promotion. Running a contest can be a powerful way to build word of mouth and long-term customer relationships. However contest promotion takes a lot more than a cool prize. It takes planning, clear objectives, timing integrating different marketing channels—and legwork. Define your goals-why are you running this […]

Existing customers can be an ongoing source of profitable sales. If you’ve met your service promise and given them value, email marketing to existing customers can help make tough economic times a bit brighter—if you remember that permission based email is a relationship built on trust and expectations. Permission based email implies a promise. By […]

Before joining the online conversation you and your staff better get your stories straight. What’s your story? Can you tell a colorful story that paints, from a customer perspective, a vivid picture of what it’s like to do business with your company? Describe every interaction at each of your touch points. Before you can make […]

It’s almost impossible to browse more than a few websites or listen to drive time radio without being exposed to an ad from a company offering do-it-yourself email marketing solutions-and most of them are pretty good. Yet most of the small businesses we meet are disappointed with the results. Well you can’t expect advertisers to […]