Has Your WordPress Website Been Hacked?

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If you have ever had your website hacked, you know what a serious problem it can be. Not only could it lead to a denial of service for your visitors, but critical data may also leak into the wrong hands. Additionally, in the case of a business site, one of these attacks could lead to a significant loss of income. There may be no event in a website owner’s online life that is more upsetting than losing the battle to protect his or her website from a hacker.

Today, more webmasters are using WordPress, an easy-to-use, open source CMS (content management system) to create and manage their websites. Unfortunately, the vast majority of the sites created with WordPress are built on shared hosting accounts, by developers who do not have any expertise in securing against attacks. WordPress infections are unfortunately all too common. One infected site can easily infect another through shared hosting, putting thousands of sites at risk.

What Is WordPress Security?

It is virtually impossible to create a site that is 100% secure, on WordPress or any other content management system. Such a site might be impractical to maintain or not allow for the flexibility the site owner requires. Furthermore, every site is different. Many things can affect the process of securing a site, including the theme, installed plugins and other chosen features. However, these common themes (suggested by the WordPress Codex) are things you should always keep in mind when designing your site for a safer, more secure experience.

  • Limiting Access – Make smart choices about your WordPress site to prevent a malicious person from gaining entry into the site. This may mean adding additional layers of login security and only allowing certain personnel access to the backend of the website.
  • Containment – Containment means taking proactive measures to prevent large-scale damage on the off chance that hackers compromise your site. Minimizing potential loss is essential.
  • Preparation and Knowledge – Staying up to date with the latest information about WordPress and potential security issues. Additionally, backing up data and having a plan in place “just in case” will allow you to conquer problems if or when they do occur.
  • Utilization of Trusted Sources – Many themes, plugins and other WordPress products and tools are available. However, you are less likely to find yourself with a serious security issue if you use products only from trusted sources (such as WordPress.org). This may be the single easiest way to prevent unexpected access to your site.

Go the Extra Mile for Security

While WordPress itself recommends these basic design themes for a safer site, you may still have (valid) concerns about WordPress security. If you do not feel confident, these techniques can help.

  • Employ Constant Monitoring – A number of products, both paid and free, exist to monitor your WordPress site for attacks. Using one of these could help you catch a small problem before it turns into a big one.
  • Learn More about Plugins – Even the plugins on WordPress.org are not immune from security holes. Spend some time researching every plugin you utilize to make sure it is worth the risk. Sites like the Sucuri blog provide up to date information about potential threats—allowing you to stay well versed.
  • Utilize Antivirus Programs – Just like you use an antivirus program on your computer, an antivirus program for your WordPress site can help avoid virus, malware and other unpleasant issues. Browse the available options and choose one that meets your needs.
  • Work with an Expert – Protecting your site from the dangers that lurk online is not something you have to do alone. Green Internet Group offers a full range of online security options that keep your site protected—whether you host it on WordPress or another popular CMS.

If you need help with anything related to wordpress infection(s) or web development, reach out to the Green Internet Group. We offer strategies and solutions for all aspects of the development process. Whether you are interested in creating your first WordPress site or are ready to kick your marketing program up the next level, we can help! Contact us online or call us at 866.506.1923 to set up a free consultation with one of our talented web experts.


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