Hunches or Real Data?

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Here’s a surprisingly tough question. Is your online marketing strategy based on relevant data? If you answered no, you’re not alone. Consider it good news-and a huge opportunity. We find a surprising number of companies have not conducted a thorough analysis of their competitors online presence, evaluated their own search engine performance, optimized their websites to convert more visitors into leads or customers, audited their online reputation or reviewed website analytics to set goals to improve key performance indicators.

When the economy slowed down, a majority of companies slashed their marketing budgets, despite the fact that those who weather recessions are the ones who market through them-but market smartly. Now more confident, many companies have begun to market again. If you are looking at picking up marketing using the same plan and strategy you were using 18-24 months ago, you could be in for a costly surprise.

Marketing has changed. It is very likely your previous marketing strategy just won’t cut it anymore.

We’ve seen substantial changes in how search engines decide how websites rank. Competition and changes in pricing plans have contributed to widespread adoption of mobile devices, a few months ago Facebook beat out Google and became the most visited site on the web, and the number of customers flocking to social media sites to read, or write, about companies increases daily, postage rates have increased-again, the economy has customers placing more emphasis on value than ever before.

Before establishing your next marketing budget, ask yourself these questions.

  • How does our online presence compare to our competitors?
  • Are we fully aware of what people are saying about us online?
  • How is mobile affecting our business?
  • How are visitors interacting with our website?
  • Are we ranking well for the right search terms?
  • Are we satisfied with the amount of traffic to your website?
  • Is our email marketing as relevant and targeted as it needs to be?
  • What portion of our budget, if any, should we plan for social media engagement?
  • Do our online and offline marketing campaigns reinforce each other?

Even Google recommends businesses not rely solely on search to drive website traffic. To remain competitive, businesses need an integrated multi-channel marketing strategy, with clear, measurable goals.

We can help you take the guesswork out of making more effective web marketing decisions. The first step is to get started by calling to schedule an online marketing analysis. The analysis includes a consultation to review all the findings and help you identify your company’s strengths and weaknesses.

The second step is to take action! We believe all the information in the world is useless unless you do something with it. We can also provide ongoing support in the form of consulting, implementation and in-house training to build your team’s skill set.

Call 413.213.0715 today to learn more. Get the information you need to realize the true potential of a strategic online marketing plan.

Before moving to Western MA, Dan launched his career in New York in advertising and public relations, where he worked with some of the country’s top brands. Dan also has many years’ experience in small-business and corporate marketing, finance, franchise business operations and field consulting. In 2005, Dan became the first area president of TruePresence, a national internet marketing firm specializing in web design and search engine marketing. Dan’s clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Sears, Warner-Lambert, Monsanto and Pepsi, but he prefers the individuality of his smaller business clients. Dan launched The Green Internet Group to help business owners fully leverage the digital marketing and social media by offering results driven marketing planning, consulting, training and creative services.

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