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Your business goals are data-driven. Shouldn't your marketing be?

Enable sales with quality lead-flow

Generating leads is a crucial part of many businesses across a wide range of industries. Leads are what ultimately drive all sales and growth in a company, and determining the best way to generate high-quality leads is one of the most important responsibilities of a business owner or executive.

However, technology is changing the way lead generation (along with business in general) is conducted.

Traditional outbound marketing is on the way out.

In the past, lead generation largely consisted of strategies such as cold-calling, print and television advertising, junk mail, and trade shows. While those strategies are still widely used, most of them simply will not be able to complete in the long-term against technology-based online lead generation strategies.

Technology-based inbound marketing is the future.

At its core, inbound marketing is about customers finding you. In order for that to happen, you must have an inbound marketing strategy that will provide ways for those customers to find you in the first place. Technology has dramatically increased the way in which inbound marketing-based inbound generation can be conducted, while also making it substantially more cost-effective.

Why the customer of today is different than the customer of yesterday.

Customers today are inundated with a constant barrage of advertisements, interruptions, and distractions on a daily basis. Some analysts indicate that the average consumer sees thousands of attention-demanding pieces of material every day, which means it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd of other companies vying for a potential customer’s attention.

Why technology-based inbound marketing is the key to effective lead generation.

Unlike traditional marketing and online lead generation techniques, inbound marketing takes advantage of how the modern customer searches for information about products and services they are considering (or might be willing to consider). The average customer living in the United States (or another first-world country) has access to a wealth of information that could only be dreamed about even a generation ago. Thanks to the proliferation of the Internet, along with search engines like Google, information databases like Wikipedia, and the wealth of informational websites and blogs now hosted online, customers can learn about virtually any product or service before ever needing to speak to a company directly.

In order to take advantage of this shift, inbound marketing focuses on building content on social media, websites, and elsewhere on the Internet which customers could find useful. When the customer is ready to search for information that directly or indirectly pertains to your company, our inbound marketing strategy will provide high-quality content that those customers will find, and which can ultimately convert into high-quality leads.

How we develop your inbound marketing strategy

Our strategies leverage the cost-effectiveness of technology tools such as marketing automation in order to determine the most effective inbound marketing strategies for your target audience. Our robust analytics software provide us with real-time insight into what type of content is resonating and which content simply is not.

Specific lead generation services we offer

We offer a number of broad-based lead generation services. The following are some of the key components available to our clients:

  • Data and analytics-driven strategies
  • Conversion factors
  • Content strategy and planning
  • Content creation
  • Mapping content to (website) visitor intent in order to determine their place on the sales cycle
  • Marketing automation

Technology-based inbound marketing is the future of lead generation. Have a conversation with our experts to see how we can increase leads and decrease costs in your business today!